Why Mail Before 4pm?

Same day processing continues for most S-K School District mail The U.S. Postal Service (USPS) has completed their widely publicized move of mail processing to Portland from Salem. Mail processing for the District is largely unaffected. The following mail will still be processed the same day as it has been for many years (posted, [...]

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Track your in-district packages using DTS

Want to know where your in-district package is? 24J Delivery now has online barcode tracking available for ‘site to site’ movement of packages within the district! We are excited about this feature because it gives you the ability to personally create a unique bar coded shipping label for your package and a receipt for [...]

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Want to Propose New Stock?

Central Stores is dedicated to supporting student achievement by carrying the items needed in the classroom. If your school or department routinely orders an item that is not stocked in the warehouse, we can help. By stocking items centrally, we can ensure easy access and generally lower prices to our customers. Please fill out our [...]

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Aid Supply Ordering with Consumption Reports

Plan Your Summer Orders with Help from Consumption Reports Data Consumption Reports are available to both internal and external customers to help plan your annual summer orders. These reports are a great way to project what you will need in the future based on what your school or department has used in the prior year. [...]

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