The Central Stores department coordinates the district’s surplus property program. As schools or departments determine that items are no longer needed at their site, they can repurpose them through the following methods.

Coordinated by Library Media Services which can be reached at 503-399-3058.
FoldingChairwDesk FURNITURE:
Please submit form TRN-F030 and call Cartage and Hauling at 503-399-3108 for information on scheduling a pickup. All furniture is scheduled for pickup and delivery through Cartage and Hauling.If you are looking for surplus furniture to use in your school or department. You can view the current inventory and requests items online through the  Redistribution catalog website.
deskstop-computer ELECTRONICS:
Computers, monitors, and other technology items are handled by Technology & Information Services. To schedule a pick-up of computers and monitors, contact TIS through your Service Desk icon located on your computer’s desktop or call TIS at 503-399-3031.
white-delivery-van VEHICLES:
District-owned vehicles are managed by Fleet Services and are repurposed within the district or sold through a sealed bid or auction process. Please call 503-399-3100 for more info.

For any other items not listed above or you are in need of items, you are encourage to send an email to Redistribution or call 503-399-3333.