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In-Plant Graphics Article on Reprographics

October 7th, 2016|Comments Off on In-Plant Graphics Article on Reprographics

On September 6th, the In-Plant Graphics publication interviewed David Hughes, the manager of Custodial Services & Auxiliary Service for Salem-Keizer Public Schools, on the recent improvements in the production area of the Reprographics Department.

An Upward Spiral
by Nicole Perry

upwardspiral_picSalem-Kaizer Public Schools’ in-plant faced a choice: upgrade its spiral binding capabilities, turn down work or outsource. It chose the first option and never looked back.

The math isn’t hard. Take six high schools each ordering about 2,000 academic planners at the beginning of the school year, and that’s … a lot of spiral binding. The in-plant at Salem-Kaizer Public Schools in Salem, Ore., was having a hard time keeping up with demand.

“We have about 95 buildings total, district-wide,” explains David Hughes, manager of custodial, property and auxiliary services. “And 20% of our work is for other agencies in the area.”

“The question was,” he continues, “were we going to step up our game, turn jobs away or outsource? We really believe strongly in serving our community from the inside, if we can.” For that reason, Hughes and his team moved to abandon their three-step binding process in favor of a solution that was much faster.


Track your in-district packages using DTS

May 8th, 2013|Comments Off on Track your in-district packages using DTS


Want to know where your in-district package is?

24J Delivery now has online barcode tracking available for ‘site to site’ movement of packages within the district! We are excited about this feature because it gives you the ability to personally create a unique bar coded shipping label for your package and a receipt for your records.

We will scan and track your package via your label, giving your package specific delivery information on demand right from your computer (computer must be within the district network). Verify any time on-line that your package was delivered!

  • Instructions on how to access the Delivery Tracking System service are on Insight 24J (REP-W002).
  • Labels are in stock and available from Reprographics in packages of 25 (Stk #350820). You can order labels through Reprographics using DSF (Digital StoreFront). Cost is $3.49 for a package of 25 sheets.

The Delivery Tracking System Portal is a web based application developed by the Technology and Information Services department (TIS) in cooperation with the Auxiliary Services department to provide schools and departments a means to generate traceable small in-district shipments.

This application is part of the larger “Delivery Tracking System” (DTS) that was developed to track the delivery of orders from Central Stores as well as the interdepartmental mail from Mailing Services. This system does not extend to Cartage and Hauling shipments.