Delivery Schedules

2017-18 Delivery Schedule

School/DepartmentDay of the weekDelivery Time
Assistance LeagueMonday, Wednesday, Friday2:30 PM
Assistant Supt and Level officesALL8:20 AM
AuburnALL1:30 PM
Baker Even StartMonday, Wednesday, Friday2:25 PM
Battle CreekALL10:40 AM
BenefitsALL8:20 AM
Bethel Early EDMonday, Wednesday, Friday1:10 PM
Brush CollegeALL7:55 AM
BushALL7:35 AM
Business ServicesALL8:20 AM
CandalariaALL9:25 AM
Central StoresALL11:30 AM
Chapman HillALL8:25 AM
ChavezALL2:40 PM
Claggett CreekALL9:15 AM
Clear LakeALL10:15 AM
CommunicationsALL8:20 AM
Compensatory Ed/ELAALL9:00 AM
CrosslerALL10:20 AM
CTEC (Career Technical Education Center)ALL9:05 AM
CummingsALL9:45 AM
Curriculum - Testing and EvaluationALL9:00 AM
DisbursementsALL8:20 AM
Discipline & ExpulsionsALL8:20 AM
DTLC (Downtown Learning Center)ALL8:45 AM
Early CollegeALL1:15 PM
Elementary EdALL8:20 AM
EnglewoodALL7:55 AM
Executive AdminALL8:20 AM
EyreALL1:00 PM
Facilities Aux ServicesALL11:30 AM
Facility RentalALL11:30 AM
Financial ServicesALL8:20 AM
Food & Nutrition ServicesALL2:05 PM
Forest RidgeALL10:20 AM
Four CornersALL12:30 PM
Fruitland Early EdMonday, Wednesday, Friday1:20 PM
Grant CommunityALL11:20 AM
GubserALL10:45 AM
HallmanALL9:10 AM
HammondALL1:55 PM
HarrittALL7:45 AM
HayesvilleALL1:25 PM
HighlandALL11:15 AM
HooverALL8:00 AM
HouckALL12:40 PM
Howard StreetALL8:50 AM
Human ResourcesALL8:20 AM
JGEMS (Jane Goodall Environmental Middle School)ALL11:05 AM
JudsonALL9:45 AM
KalapuyaALL8:00 AM
KeizerALL10:05 AM
KennedyALL10:55 AM
Lake Labish Early EdTuesday and Thursdays10:30 AM
LambAll2:30 PM
Language ServicesAll8:20 AM
LeeAll11:00 AM
Legal ServicesAll11:25 AM
LeslieAll11:10 AM
LibertyAll9:55 AM
Library MediaAll11:30 AM
Mail ServicesAll9:00 AM
McKayAll8:15 AM
McKinleyAll9:00 AM
McNaryAll9:55 AM
Mentor - AVID - College and CareerAll8:20 AM
Micha Life Skills CTPAll8:15 AM
MillerAll12:50 PM
MorningsideAll2:15 PM
MusicAll8:20 AM
MyersAll8:35 AM
NorthAll7:45 AM
OLE (Optimum Learning Environment)All10:20 AM
ParrishAll7:35 AM
PayrollAll8:20 AM
Preschool ServicesAll12:55 PM
PringleAll10:50 AM
PurchasingAll11:30 AM
ReprographicsAll9:00 AM
RichmondAll1:55 PM
Riverfront Learning CenterAll11:20 AM
Roberts HS / Alternative EducationAll11:30 AM
Safety & Risk ManagementAll8:20 AM
Salem HeightsAll9:30 AM
SchirleAll10:00 AM
ScottAll1:00 PM
Secondary EdAll8:20 AM
SKEF (Salem-Keizer Education Foundation)Tuesday and Thursdays11:30 AM
SouthAll8:55 AM
SpragueAll10:10 AM
StephensAll1:45 PM
StraubAll8:05 AM
Student RecordsAll11:30 AM
Student ServicesAll9:05 AM
SumpterAll10:30 AM
SwegleAll12:50 PM
Talented And GiftedAll9:00 AM
Tech & Info ServicesAll9:00 AM
Testing & EvaluationAll8:20 AM
Transportation DepartmentAll8:05 AM
Valley Inquiry CharterAll2:05 PM
WaldoAll8:55 AM
WalkerAll8:40 AM
WashingtonAll9:00 AM
WeddleAll9:20 AM
West SalemAll8:15 AM
WhiteakerAll10:40 AM
WrightAll9:35 AM
YoshikaiAll1:35 PM
Behavior Intake SupportTuesday and Thursdays10:15 AM