Delivery Tips
  • All outgoing print must be in white plastic packets ready for pickup.
  • All U.S. mail must be in clear plastic packets or in a covered box for weather protection.
  • Have all mail placed in delivery tub before truck arrival. This includes U.S. mail in clear packets as well as interdepartmental mail.
  • No personal mail or packages can be sent through the delivery system.
  • Have all audio-visual materials in A-V bags or in strapped boxes labeled as A-V material. Please write the recipient location and sender location.
  • All packages need to be bound with strapping/mail tape.
  • Materials shipped from location to location cannot exceed three standard 20# paper boxes. Materials must have the recipient location and sender location labeled on the top of the box and the front side of box.
  • Have all print, AV bags, and mail tubs located in one location for pick up.