Summer 2018 Discounts

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Order Print, Apparel, and Supplies for 2018-19 Now!

Auxiliary Services is once again offering our DISCOUNT FOR SUMMER PRINT and APPAREL.  Please note the information below in order to be eligible for the summer discount pricing.  Remember that planning ahead will help to eliminate some of that start-up stress – we will have your print ready ahead of time!

Place your SUPPLY ORDERS from Central Stores before you leave for Summer Break and avoid the back-to-school rush!


  • Print requisitions must be received by Reprographics NO LATER THAN JUNE 27.
  • For Apparel orders must be received by Reprographics NO LATER JUNE 27th .
  • The due date for the print and apparel orders must be AUGUST 24th or after. Please do not send as “summer print” any orders that you will need prior to this date.



  • Please be sure to provide COMPLETE INFORMATION on all forms. Incomplete forms will delay completion.
  • If submitting your print on a paper form, please write and HIGHLIGHT “SUMMER 18-19” at the top of the form. Keep the pink copy of each form for your records.
  • If submitting a fillable PDF version of the “Custom Print form” or “Apparel Order form” (See links below), email the completed form to Note in the email subject line SUMMER 18-19.
  • Your school’s default account number (001 for Elementary, 003 for Middle, and 004 for High schools) will be used if you do not include an account line.

DSF ORDERS (5% discount):

  • For DSF orders to qualify for the summer print discount, they must be submitted by June 27.
  • Please be sure to select the DUE DATE OF AUGUST 24 or LATER or your order will not receive the discount.
  • Be sure to keep a copy of your DSF order for future reference.
  • Your DSF summer discount will be indicated as a credit on your monthly billing report.


Date due can be no sooner than AUGUST 24, 2018


  • Please include a SUMMER PHONE NUMBER for us to contact you in case of incomplete or unclear directions.
  • Please send SEPARATE PRINT ORDERS with your original if you need print separated into class sets for multiple teachers. This allows us to work more efficiently.

On behalf of the entire Auxiliary Services staff, enjoy your summer.  We’ll be ready and waiting for your return in the fall…and thank you for helping us help you!